Avery is a man of God who specializes in handling business. He is beginning to establish a Multimedia Global brand with his current business model and philosophy. He represents Favor Magazine which is an online publication designed to talk about the Christian lifestyle from a human point of view with no filter, as well as highlight stories and the lives of those God has shown favor upon. Secondly, we have a radio station FAVOR365 which plays gospel and CHH content 365 days of the year. The station has radio personalities who host a variety of shows that  

helps keep listeners engaged and tuned in to the hottest gospel and CHH station on the planet. Now, the last piece of the multimedia portfolio until we find our next endeavor is the filming of short films and music videos under the FaithfulFlix brand. God took Avery from very humble beginnings where all the talents that God gave him were being used to uplift Satan’s agenda. Now that he has been bought and traded to the winning team, Gods team, Avery has learned how to take his business savvy and gifts and give god glory through multimedia..

Rebel Against the World