Somewhere where the struggle meets salvation you'll find Willz. Born on Buffalo's east side he was forced to endure the conflict between the streets and Christianity. Seeing life from both point of views has helped strengthen his ministry creating a heart of compassion for the lost and fueling the passion to preach Christ in the midst of chaos. His aggressive passionate style sounds like Sonic pain that you can hear and feel through his music. Rapping with only one goal to serve only Christ, and to make a bold and unashamed declaration that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Whoz Meech

Whoz Meech is 1 of the 3 members of the NY based Christian hip hop group "E.D.I. Music". Born and raised in the church, Whoz Meech brings a kind of boldness that is sometimes challenging to his listeners. Never scared to tackle doctrinal beliefs even through his music, Whoz Meech is committed to helping change the minds of the children of God to be focused on the glory of God and be seekers of his face and not his hand. Whoz Meech brings a style of music that is original and convicting as he uses even his own failures and brokenness to help edify the body and grow the minds of his listeners.

Rebel Against the World