Font Carter

Alfonso Carter, a native of Niagara Falls, NY like many of our African American males he was raised by a single mother with financial struggles.  Influenced by American culture and the fast paced street life; Alfonso got involved in selling drugs at an early age, (late 80’s) which landed him in and out of prison for the majority of his 20’s and 30’s. 

It wasn’t until 2004 where Alfonso would find himself facing serious prison time. When the FBI and the Amherst, NY police brought Carter’s street career to a screeching halt!  In his possession were large quantities of drugs, money, and a weapon. 

Sentenced 6 years to life, the reality that his life needed to change was crystal clear. Separated from his wife and children and feeling isolated, he began reflecting on his past encounters, decisions made…good and bad.  Alfonso’s rebirth began while in prison, he did a lot of soul searching and asking difficult 


questions.  He spent many hours reading, praying and studying history to better understanding his plight as a black man. 

Once released, Carter decided he would use his life as a warning and not an example to motivate!  He began sharing his story of tragedy to triumph with his community.  Speaking to the youth at his High School alma mater, about his mis-steps was rewarding, impactful and needed.  As a result he’s being asked to speak to other youth groups in New York, Chicago, D.C. and Maryland to name a few.  Mr. Carter’s personality along with his intriguing story draws his audience in for an up close and personal connection.  His candor, swag and street creditability makes him an ideal speaker for generation Y.   

For booking information please call 716 390 7462 or visit us at  Additionally, find attached a link to a documentary highlighting Mr. Carter’s story.

Rebel Against the World